Lunakid’s second album “Healing” is the result of the artist’s personal as well as musical development. The Russian born, german raised and currently Berlin based electronic artist proves once again the enrichment of the modern electronic music through traditional, yet often forgotten sounds. “Healing” is a hybrid of ethnic, near natural, meditative elements and deep, dark, industrial sounds. The artist himself considers his new album as a journey, that leads into consciousness. His personal experiences, the battle of good and evil, of nature and culture, truth and illusion inspired Konstantin whilst creating the album.

Among the deep, dark beats, basses and arpeggios by Moog Mother 32, Roland TB-3, Korg Minilogue and various plug-ins it was crucial for Konstantin to introduce organic elements. Instead of falling back on samples Konstantin created his own sample library for the production of “Healing”. You can hear sounds in several tracks going from traditional African percussion and Kora recordings to sounds of fir cones, wind and water falls.