Konstantin Dellos is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, music producer and film composer with a unique approach to creating intense, sensorial and immersive sounds. Already as a child Konstantin developed his love for the film art and emotional expression through the fusion of picture and sound. As a 18-years old Konstantin started his first band, during his civilian service in Hannover. His hunger for new sounds and for new ways of expression to achieve self-development brought Konstantin to Punkrock. Later on, the discovery of a new creative freedom as an electronic solo artist opened a wide panel of stylistic elements and possibilities.
 2013 Konstantin started the electronic music project Lunakid.
 2020 the electronic rockband Nugae. 

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Jonny started out his career as a Junior Mastering Engineer and after working his way up to Senior Engineer he started his own small  recording studio in Melbourne. 

Jonny moved to Berlin around 2013 where he was lucky enough to start working at a studio in the Funkhaus. During this time Jonny also helped set up a recording studio in the SoundCloud HQ which he still is involved in to this day. From there his work around Funkhaus grew to include COLORS and also Saal 3.

Jonny has worked as an engineer for the likes of Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Adam Cohen.